Portfolio improvement
Portfolio & Performance

Listed Portfolio.

Our direct listed equity portfolio has delivered an annual return of 34% over the last four financial years. 

This is a core pillar to our portfolio. It represents more than half of our investment portfolio and encapsulates our investment philosophy.

Portfolio & Performance

Unlisted Portfolio.

Our Unlisted Portfolio has also delivered phenomenal returns. This includes:  

  • Enterprise Software and Data.

  • Payment Platforms

  • Property

  • Essential Goods and Services Businesses

  • Credit Investments

When we make an unlisted investment, we intend to hold it for at least 5 years, however, we are capable of holding investments much longer. We are opportunistic, not focused on short-term profits and are able to be flexible and move quickly. We believe this combination provides a significant investment advantage and aligns with our long-term value creation philosophy.

Enterprise Software.


Data and Content.

Essential Services and Products.

Select Residential, Commercial and Industrial Investment Properties.

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