Investment Philosophy

Our Faitaly_europemily-Office was established in 2006 to protect and enhance family wealth for current and future generations.

We seek to utilize our broad experience across a range of industries and business sectors.

MFO Investments has a highly flexible investment mandate. We invest in both public and private companies across a range of geographies. We are opportunistic yet focus on creating long-term value.

When we make an unlisted investment, we intend to hold it for at least 5 years, however, are capable of holding investments much longer. We are opportunistic but not focused on short-term profits. We believe this provides a significant investment advantage and aligns with our long-term value creation philosophy.

Through the Maister Family Foundation, we “Give back” a percentage of our wealth to local communities and charities.

Investment Approach

Our strong global institutional ties provide an extensive source of multi-currency, industry and company research and guidance.

Investment decisions are vetted with the assistance of both internal and external counsel and consultants.

Australian Operating Businesses – Private Equity

MFO Investments is a stable, committed shareholder and is seeking further investments in small-medium operating businesses, ideally with the following characteristics:


  • Geography: Australia headquartered and focused
  • Growth: Funding privately owned companies’ next leg of growth
  • Management: We want to back management teams that are seeking to benefit from our experience and to help implement ambitious growth management plan
  • Exit: Patient capital to grow businesses.  We are looking to hold the investment for at least 5 years
  • Control: Seek to be appointed to the board and have an active level of engagement with the business
  • History: 3+ years of operating history with positive EBITDA
  • Size: $3-10 million equity cheque, however, we are willing to partner
  • Partnering:  We will partner and co-invest with like-minded investors, where there are strategic reasons to do so and provided we can align with and work constructively

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Start-up businesses and venture capital

MFO Investments is seeking further direct investments in early and mid-stage start-up businesses. We have a portfolio of investments across Australia, US, Western Europe and China in sectors covering data analytics, fintech, health and ecommerce. We have a highly flexible mandate and can make investment decisions swiftly.